F/L/S Fuzzy Logik Systeme GmbH - systems, that think with you


Today's software and system solutions are part of decision-making processes characterized by new performance requirements. Until now, only the natural, qualitative human way of deciding and acting has been able to satisfy those requirements. F/L/S Fuzzy Logik Systeme uses economically and technically proven intelligent software techniques, combining natural and flexible aspects of complex human problem solving with the mechanical efficiency of computer programs.

F/L/S Fuzzy Logik Systeme's fundamental technology consists of processes and system expertise based on the qualitative decision-making software Qualicision®, which is used in a wide range of different applications.

F/L/S Fuzzy Logik Systeme deals with customers whose activities cover a broad spectrum: from automotive manufacturers to companies of the financial sector. Our customers recur to Qualicision® solutions when both, human flexibility and mechanical efficiency must go together, which means, in situations where efficiency is an important and quality a decisive factor.

Some application examples:


Automating decisions aimed at optimizing processes and protecting against technical and process inherent fluctuations real-time or on-line


Quality control decisions aimed at optimizing quality control processes used as inspection systems (using industrial image processing) real-time or on-line


Logistic decisions aimed at optimizing material-flow-oriented processes of commercial or technical interactions, either on-line or off-line


Business-­related decisions for opti­mization and manage­ment of open busi­ness pro­cesses with com­mercial, social and tech­nical inter­actions, either on-­line or off-­line