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Qualicision P solutions

Qualicision production

Qualified Decisions


PSI FLS developed a Qualicision P solution for calculating production sequences in continuous flow production. Sequence optimizations in the areas: body shop, paint shop and assembly line are based upon Qualicision P solutions. Sequence optimization regarding different or combined areas are carried out as well.

Due to its complex logistic planning and to possible disturbances (as may be blockings of specific equipment parts), the automobile production process is being optimized both in advance and during the course of production.


Qualicision solutions created in relation to logistic processes are called Qualicision P solutions (with P standing for "production")


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Qualicision solutions are suitable for improving processes that are logistically controlled or that depend on logistic conditions, as may be supply chains.

Production control programs or logistical production optimization programs are used when working on processes influenced by logistic conditions (as, for example, targeting of material flows).


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Qualicision P solutions take into account a high number of goal criteria that, depending on the situation, may come into conflict with each other. This large amount of goal criteria might result from extensive product diversity. Due to the large number of equipment possibilities, the automobile industry is dealing with a high number of product variants. Said diversity has to be produced in high numbers but with limited capacities - which leads to an enormous number of possible production sequences. It is the task of Qualicision to generate the most suitable, cost effective and efficient production sequence.


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Optimization processes are important for two reasons: first, for assuring high unit outputs combined with reliable delivery dates and short delivery periods, despite production capacity restrictions; second, for granting a stable and even use of production capacities.

 Analysis or optimization decisions normally are based on several technical and non-technical questions. Examples from the wide field of technical decision-making might be: equipping or retrofitting industrial plants and systems, operating resources selection or analysis, planning different production process steps, determination of optimal utilization of existing facilities.

  • Qualicision-Sequencing (Sequence Planning Software)
  • PSI FLS is offering customized solutions made for the automobile industry. The Qualicision Sequencing tool allows calculating optimized production sequences for the areas assembly, paint shop and body shop.

PSIpenta JIS is a lean sequencing system, aimed to automate and optimise the cent-ral sequencing processes for deliveries straight to the assembly units at the production lines. The sequencing itself is done one the basis of the Qualicision-Technology, which is being used successfully by PSI FLS in the automotive industry since many years.

Being an essential functional module of the automotive supplier industry, the JIS system can be used either to complement the ERP standard PSIpenta, but also as an independent mo-dule to be integrated into an existing software infrastructure.

The call-off integration and sequence planning are both done automatically via the EDI interface. Problem cases, however, are visualised and made available for further proces-sing by PSIpenta JIS.

The JIS systems provides the option of filtering and evaluating the entire volume of or-ders by different selection criteria. The integrated container management allows the con-tainers to be filled automatically until the moment of delivery. The loads and their cor-responding load lists are made up independently from the ERP system.

PSIpenta JIS offers a considerable simplification and standardisation of such complex production processes, permitting thus to minimise the number of manual interventions and error rates.