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Qualicision AI – The concept

Encounter process goals

Qualicision AI stands for qualified support with decision-making when optimizing business processes. Qualicision AI technology is based on fuzzy logic which has been extended to complementary effect and helps to incorporate decision-making expertise in business processes in the form of software. Fuzziness in business processes is not only the result of uncertainty regarding the process data used; it also results, in particular, from the variety of the data and interaction between the options for controlling these processes and the process goals; the "key performance indicators" (KPIs) in other words.

When business processes are optimized with Qualicision AI, such interaction is captured in the form of matrices (impact matrices) using the process data. These impact matrices are combined with mathematical conflict and compatibility analysis to calculate which alternatives should be selected for decision-making to come as close as possible to the process goals. In technical terms, conflict and compatibility analysis allows the so-called combinatorial variety of control options to be managed in relation to optimization of the KPIs.

Optimization and decision support technology

Any branch of industry can make use of Qualicision AI for the purposes of optimization and decision support. This may involve the optimization of production sequences in the automotive industry and the manufacturing sector in general, the management of transport processes and the optimization of operations at transport depots, e.g. buses and trams. Other examples include maintenance management when managing electrical networks, logistics in underground mines for conveying raw materials, the optimization of manufacturing control processes and forecasting.


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Qualicision AI based data modeling is performed with the help of the Qualicision AI Functional Decision Design Engine (QFDD). After modelling, QFDD generates a data format that is read by the Qualicision AI based optimization processes and subjected to further processing. QFDD is available as a software tool as part of the PSI Group's PJF strategy and based on PSI GUI technology (see figure). All elements of Qualicision AI data modeling can be represented with it. This includes KPI goal and labeling functions, impact matrices, KPI relation matrices, the corresponding editors, the data tables and further visualization functionalities. Furthermore, a demonstration version is available. On request, the core functionality of the decision engine is available in the form of a number of AI-compatible instances in connection with the PSI Industrial Intelligence Framework.


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