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PSI products get an additional USP with Qualicision and Deep Qualicision

How did your company PSI FLS  come to join PSI Software Group?

Dr. R. Felix: PSI FLS was founded in 1992. The company has belonged to the PSI group since 2008. At that time, PSI was looking for a solution for the sequencing of discreet processes. PSI FLS had the appropriate solution and was able to rapidly and successfully fill this “gap” in the PSI product portfolio.

To which business area does PSI FLS belong, and which industries do you mainly serve?

Dr. R. Felix: PSI FLS is assigned to the production management area within PSI Software Group. We have particularly large interfaces here. However, our Qualicision solution is a purely cross-sectional technology with no focus on any particular industry. We therefore also have successful dealings with PSI partners in the areas of energy and infrastructure management.

Before we enter into detail about some of your projects, can you explain to us more precisely what your software actually does?

Dr. R. Felix: The basis of the Qualicision solution is a form of “fuzzy” technology that has been specifically further developed for decision-making and optimisation processes, which provides particularly efficient modelling of decision-making processes and transactions. Whenever there are several possible actions to take in a situation, these must be weighed up against the process objectives in order to make a suitable decision. The strength of Qualicision is the mathematical mapping of a wide range of objective conflicts and parallelisms in concrete situations, which are then automatically detected and weighed up against each other by the software based on definable criteria.

PSI FLS has been a part of the PSI Software Group for four years now. Which projects have been initiated and completed during this time?

Dr. R. Felix: There is a wide range of applications in which the cross-sectional nature of the solution can also work within PSI. For example, Qualicision is used in depot management in various towns and cities, in order to optimise the efficiency of parking positions for vehicles within the depots according to the most diverse criteria. In the plannable maintenance and fault clearance of energy supply networks, our software is used to model the planning and operative scheduling to make the most efficient use of resources. In the degradation of raw materials, Qualicision helps to equalise the transport within days. A fashion chain also uses the solution to manage the stock in a networked system of warehouses. And not least, the technology is also a part of the new PSIjis solution for the automotive and automotive supplier industry. In this context, Qualicision can be used to optimise the sequence in relation to justin-sequence production, on both the OEM and the supplier side. 

This already sounds like an intensive cooperation with different units of PSI. What are your plans for the future?

Dr. R. Felix: We are working on integrating the Qualicision technology even further into PSI products. When it comes to planning processes and their optimisation in particular, Qualicision can contribute significantly towards adding even more value to PSI solutions. Through the integration of the technology, the solutions can react more flexibly to varying requirements from customer processes. Process objectives and possible courses of action are configurable and hence adjustable – with a considerably lower proportion of reprogramming.